About us

East African American Community (EAAC)  was found in January 2019 to ease the overwhelming challenges that our community members face on a daily basis. 

EAAC was established by a network of professionals and business owners from the community whose collective vision is to help and empower the helpless members in our community. 

EAAC’s main goal is to provide a one-stop location for our community’s basic needs such as filling forms, applications, referrals, and etc. 



To establish a one-stop location where the helpless in our community can rely on for their vital and basic community services. 


Mission Statement


The East African American Community’s goal is to be a great resource for our community. To increase the awareness and utilize the existing resources and collaborate with the state, counties, cities, and other agencies serving the community.

The East African American Community offers variety of community services to the East African American community 


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